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Question & Answers

Do I need to provide my own plans?

No, our design professionals will create a design for you, and provide all plans and specifications required to form a fixed price contract.

Who will organize the permits?

Urban Effects will make submissions on your behalf to Planning & Building authorities, and obtain permits & permission to build your project.

Who supervises the construction process?

Unique to Urban Effects is our Site Leader System. An Urban Effects full time qualified carpenter will be on site throughout the project, to oversee all of the workers. He will maintain quality, as well as making sure you are cared for and comfortable with daily activities. Additionally, our Building Manager, Rob Dubbeld, oversees the building process for all of our projects. He is based in the office and visits each site regularly.

Who will be my primary point of contact throughout the building process?

All clients have direct access to Steve Grayden, the business owner and registered builder, as their primary point of contact throughout the building program. Site leaders are available on site on a daily basis for general house keeping issues, but any building questions, concerns and changes will be immediately acted upon when you contact Steve.

What is your trade base built up of?

All of our carpenters are Urban Effects employees, trained in our culture and quality. You will notice the difference in the manner and character of our tradesmen. As well as our full time carpenters, we have a team of dedicated sub-contractors who perform the other certified work, for example electricians, plumbers, plasterers and tilers. We have worked hard to select this team based on their reliability and quality, but also on their compatibility with our ethics and culture.

What part of the building work will I have to look after?

None of it! Leave it all to us. We will guide you through selections and all of the details, and then you can sit back and enjoy the process. We will look after all of the components, from the foundations, right through to tiles, painting, cabinetry and door handles!

Will we be able to visit the site while work is progressing?

We encourage our customers to make regular visits to the site. We will also take photos and video along the way to share with you up to date news from your site. We also have formal site meetings scheduled at strategic points along the way so you can double check that you are happy with the planned way forward. For example, before the electrician runs his wires, we walk through the house to make sure you have not overlooked any power points or lights that you would like. It always looks different in real life compared to the plans andwe make allowances for this to be sure you are happy with the final product.

Can we see any of your previous work?

Before you commit to building with Urban Effects, we are more than happy to arrange with past customers to tour you through their homes, and have conversations about their experience. Please also look through our gallery to see some examples of our previous work.

Do you have any standard plans?

We have many previous plans that we can show you, but all of them are individual works. We believe that no house design can suit all families and all blocks of land, and that you can maximize the use of your land, existing home and your finance with an individual design by Urban Effects.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

We provide the 7-year structural guarantee as required by the law. We also attend your home three months after you move in to run a quality check and make sure everything is running smoothly. Following that, we encourage our customers to give us a call if they have any concerns, and Steve, the registered builder and company owner, will attend to them personally.

Will we have to move out of our home while the work is done?

The comfort and safety of your home will vary depending on the amount of work being performed and the type of work. There may be times in the program when it is impossible to stay at home. We will work with you and our schedule to be sure that you make the best decision as to how you will manage your living situation throughout the project.

Can we supply any of the building materials?

We are open to you providing fittings and fixtures that you have purchased. Sometimes we can even salvage old materials from demolition stage and incorporate them into the design, for example an antique door or fireplace hearth. If we have included such items in our quote and you decide to provide them, we will credit you the amount for the items we specified.

Can we use our own tradesmen in the project?

Efficient scheduling and logistics are essential for a successful building project, so we will only allow customers to provide their own labour in exceptional circumstances. We have full confidence in our carefully selected trade team, and our excellent working relationship with them, ensures a great final product delivered on time.

How long will it take to build my home?

Each project has its own individual specification which effect the length of the program. We will make you aware of the time the project will take prior to contract signing, and keep you up to date with the schedule along the way.

When do I have to pay?

The building contract will clearly specify the payment amounts and the progress that needs to be made on the project before each payment is due. There is a fee for documentation, and then a 5% deposit upon contract signing. Each project will generally have 5 to 8 further payments spread out through the building program.

Can you look after plans and permits, or do I have to bring my own to you?

We will look after the plans and permits. We are also happy to quote on plans that you have already had drawn up. The benefit of starting the process with us, is that our creative team, consisting of builders, architect and interior designer, will work with you and your budget. This avoids the pain of detailing a design, only to find that construction costs are beyond expectations. We make sure you achieve your goals, from concept to completion.

How many projects do you have going at the same time?

We generally will have up to four projects running at the same time, each at different stages of construction. This allows us to manage our workforce and provide continuity of work to our preferred trades to ensure we maintain their loyalty and hence the efficiency and quality of our work. You will have a site leader on site at most times, so you will not experience the frustration of your project sitting idle while we attend to other projects, as is often the case with other builders. If ever there are days that no progress is possible on your project, you will be kept informed as to why this is the case. We believe it is in the best interests of all parties to complete projects in the shortest time possible.

Can you tell me the total price before we sign a contract?

We will provide you with a fixed, total price prior to contract signing. It will only change if changes are made to the plans or specifications, and these changes and the subsequent price changes will only be realised upon full agreement of all parties.

When and how will I choose all of the colours and fittings for my new home?

Every Urban Effects customer has an exclusive design appointment with our interior designer, Jasmin Wood. We encourage you to ask questions, bring your design ideas, fabric swatches, colors, and magazine clippings. We’re here to help you design a home you’ll be proud to own.

What's your process for inspection at final stages, to address any matters that may need to be corrected or finalized?

Our aim is always to tidy up any issues and tie up all loose ends all the way through the building program. Upon completion, and before you are issued with the final invoice, we walk through the home and note any issues you may have. These will be addressed prior to final billing. Please note that we also perform our own high quality assessment prior to this walk-through.