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Our Quality

Our Quality

Double Glazing

We include double glazing as standard in our quotations. Part of our role is to advise clients on decisions about what to include in their project. None of us has an endless supply of resources, so we all have to decide what we choose to include and what we leave out of our home dreams. One item we advise NOT to compromise on is window glazing.

We can’t make you have double glazing, but you will be amazed at the difference double glazing makes to your living experience. You’ll find it was worth the extra few thousand it costs on a standard extension. It’s warmer, cooler and quieter. Windows are a feature of a home that are not updated regularly. Choose the right option first!

Wall Frames

Much of the quality of a home is in the things you can’t see. For example, the wall studs. Even in a brick home, it is the wall studs that carry the weight of the upper floor and the roof. We choose to build our wall frames on site so we can individually select every stud that forms part of the walls. We purchase only long lengths of timber to cut on site to ensure the timber is as straight as possible.

Any bowed or twisted pieces are discarded or sent back. We only use 90 x 45mm size timber, even when 90 x 35mm would suffice. This makes the walls straighter and stronger. The plaster adheres better, and timber trims and cladding can be fixed more firmly. Window frames are held tightly, and architrave joins finish more neatly, resulting in a better paint job. So the quality you can’t see ends up improving the final finish!

Why some builders choose to save a few hundred dollars on the quality of their stud we do not know; nor do we know why their customers choose to accept it. We do know that we sometimes miss out on a job when our price is that little bit higher. Even so, we won’t compromise our standards of quality.

Quality Inspections

There are four mandatory inspections required by law on a residential construction project. We maintain our quality standards by completing additional quality inspections throughout the project. We also have a Site Leader on site for the majority of the project.

A site leader is trained to supervise our employees on site, instruct subcontractors and maintain daily quality inspections. The presence of a Site Leader is appreciated by our customers, who know they will always have a Company representative on site.

Clean Sites

We continually clean our sites, removing any rubbish and debris throughout the building process. Construction sites should be clean and free of debris. Messy job sites are unsafe, and often lead to poor care and attention to the quality in construction of the new home and reflect the care taken in the building process. We have found that a clean site lifts moral, and our customers always appreciate it!



The paint application on many new homes is often just sprayed on. The trouble with this is that often the paint does not cover well enough. The texture of a sprayed finish will also mean that touch-ups cannot be done without repainting the entire wall. All our walls are sealed and then rolled with two top coats. You can see the difference, feel the difference, and appreciate the high quality for years to come. High quality enamel paint is used on all woodwork, for a hard wearing and classy finish, with one undercoat and two top coats.


The plaster finish will complete, or completely ruin, the quality of a home! We use only professional plasterers, with above 20 years experience, to ensure the plaster is hung, trowelled and sanded the correct way for a long term top quality finish. For example, we do not fix plaster directly to ceiling timber, as movement in the timber will cause cracking and peaking. Instead we fix metal battens to the ceiling timbers, level them with a laser level, glue and screw the plaster to the battens. The ceiling timbers can move or shrink all they like, and the ceiling will not be affected.

Floor frames

We have decided to only use kiln dried hardwood or engineered beams for our floor frames. This makes the floor solid under foot, the timber therefore will not shrink or warp, which would affect the stability of floor coverings. We also lay structural particle board flooring on all of our floors, then lay any timber strip flooring or other floor finishes over this. Your floor coverings or natural timber finish will not be affected by changes of humidity under the floor, and it will be solid, firm and lovely to walk on.