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Elsternwick Extension

Type: Extension/Renovation

Materials: Weatherboards

windows: Timber frame

Date: June 2013 – January 2014


This Elsternwick home is a fine example of the Victorian cottage architecture in the area, and it was a privilege for Urban Effects to be able to extend this home to function better for the family who live within. With a design that created a seamless transition between inside and outside living, this home has become perfect for summer entertaining, as well as retaining heat in winter with double-glazing throughout the extension. The owners were refreshingly unafraid of colour-usage, enlivening many areas such as the kitchen, study, and extension exterior, to create a noticeable verve in whatever area of the home ventured into.  A beautiful project in final form, but also a memorable project in regards to the fantastic client-tradesman relationship formed, which created a positive atmosphere throughout the design/construction process.