Our Process

Design Proposal

Once we have met you and discussed your needs and ideas, we will provide you a sketch drawing along with a proposal detailing high-level inclusions and costs.

This will give you a good idea as to what is possible for your project and what your budget needs to be. We can adjust the design and inclusions to the point to suit your design and budget needs. 

Building Plans

Once you are happy with the preliminary design and budget, we will draw detailed drawings so that we can send them off for engineering and supplier quotes.

(windows etc) in order to fine-tune the budget.

Interior Design

The initial pricing is based on our set standard selections, carefully curated by our interior design team to be stylish and good quality but also affordable.

At this stage you will work through all of the interior detailing for cabinets and other home fe.ducts, surface finishes and colours.  At the conclusion of this process we will have produced for you a full set of detailed plans and specifications, along with a fixed price for the project, ready for Contract Signing


During the design and specification will be in consultation with local authorities and building experts, to obtain any planning and building permissions

relevant to your project.  Once contracts are signed we finalise the applications such that permits can be issued and we can commence the building work.


Our team of full-time building professionals will than construct your dream home. You will continue to receive the utmost of care and communication

though this phase of the project, both from management and the gentlemen on site, making you feel a welcome part of this exciting experience. 


We provide you with the completed project. We arrange all certification, final approvals and guarantees.